Day: May 30, 2019

Bumper cars are a flat ride that consists of a number of small cars that are electrically powered and derives their power from the ceiling or the floor. They are remotely controlled by an operator and he/she turns the cars on or off. Bumper cars in south africa take kids to another world of great experiences and keep their mind very active. You will find these rides in large amusement parks, funfairs, and carnivals. They are well decorated with bright colors and animated designs to help steal the attention of the kids. For this product to appear the way it is, great minds have been put together starting with experienced designers and resources of a well-established manufacturing firm such as Beston. Beston is a widely known company for their knowledge and skills that its team brings out in their items. The company has been in the industry of manufacturing large amusement park rides for more than 10 years and therefore they have proven to be the best in that sector. It does not only manufacture but also supplies products like the bumper cars, Ferris wheel rides, carousels, roller coaster, and a trackless train.

bumper cars factory

Powering of the bumper cars

There’re various methods that these bumper cars are supplied with power, including:

  • Over- head- system. This method uses the conductive ceiling and floor with each having different power polarity. As the part of the car is in contact with the floor, there’s a pole-mounted touching the ceiling thus completing the circuit.
  • Floor pick-up system. This makes use of the alternating metal strips positioned across the floor and separated by insulating spacers with the absence of any ceiling grid. The strips carry the current and as the vehicle passes over them there’s a voltage polarity when the metallic basement of the car gets in contact with the metal strips thus completing the circuit.
  • Batteries. In this case, the bumper cars have inbuilt batteries that are recharged after the completion of the rides.

Application of bumper cars

This kind of amusement ride is mostly found in parks, plazas, funfairs, carnivals as well as in some other indoor/outdoor playgrounds. When the kids collide and crash they tend to have a thrilling feeling which makes them very excited. For the case of adults, the ride makes them feel relaxed.

Inflatable bumper cars

Features of bumper cars

  • They are made of high-quality materials such as plastic and stainless steel.
  • Some have LED lamps that make the car more attractive at night since they light in different bright colors.
  • These are safe products to use and you only need to follow the set rules and details
  • Kids can manipulate them since they are easy to operate as well as maintain.
  • The bumper cars can be customized and our company can design according to your requirements.
  • They have attractive designs and colors which keeps the kids engaged for a longer time.

New Bumper Cars for South Africa

Types of bumper cars

Beston uses a high level of technology to try to produce animated models so as to bring kids closer to nature. Some example of their bumper cars include:

  • Beetle kiddie bumper cars

Kids have a strong connection with small animals and this bumper car has been designed with the imitation of the beetle’s appearance. It’s made of simple structures making it easy for children to handle it.

  • Inflatable bumper cars

These are lightweight and therefore easy to install and move. They also require small storage space and are considered to be much cheaper compared to other bumper cars.

  • UFO bumper cars

These are round in shape and are suitable for small kids. They are equipped with music, LED lights and handles that allow the children to control the direction they want to head.

  • Thomas kiddie bumper cars

This type has been designed using Thomas’s model thus making the cars more fashionable, cute and classic.

Advantages of having Beston bumper cars

  • Low maintenance cost and easy to operate.
  • The paints are brightly colored and hard to fade off
  • They are made of quality materials thus making them very durable
  • Both kids and adults can fit most of our bumper cars and therefore the old ones are not left behind in this world of entertainment.
  • They are uniquely designed to fit various venues and kids feel comfortable riding them.
  • Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly.
  • Competitive prices